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Help! I can't get no sleep!

Sleep is so important to our everyday functioning.  When we don't get enough sleep though, things it's easy to see things unravel.  Krisztina provides some recommendations on how to fall asleep.

Help! I can’t get no sleep!

Krisztina Kelemen, MA. R (Prov) Psych


You may have experienced how it feels when you just simply cannot fall asleep after an exhausting day or you wake up several times in the middle of the night, you toss and turn, and your brain just can’t seem to be able to shut off. Does this sound familiar to you? Sleep disorders such as insomnia can be short-term or long-term and it is a more common issue than you would think.

Taking certain medications, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol as well as having specific conditions such as pregnancy, menopause, or certain endocrine problems can cause insomnia. However, often stress and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety are the main causes of it. 

Let’s see some simple tips and exercises that can help you reach a better quality and quantity of sleep:

  • Make sure you sleep in a relaxing environment and in a comfortable bed.
  • Try to avoid big meals, caffeine, and alcohol consumption in the lead-up to bedtime.
  • Only go to bed when you feel tired. We want our mind to build a connection between being in bed and sleeping. If you don’t feel tired while in bed, get up and do something boring – read a book that you are not too interested in or just simply focus on some “white noise”, such as the sound of the dishwasher.
  • Try not to use any electronic device in the same room you sleep in and use your bedroom only for sleep and sex (no TV is allowed in there!).
  • Specific relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation can help through alternating tension and relaxation of certain muscle groups throughout your body.  Some people find that the following US military technique works like a charm for them: 

Often times, our mind keeps racing, and all kinds of intrusive, anxious thoughts keep us awake. Certain cognitive interventions can help you deal with these unhelpful thoughts through identifying, evaluating, and rewriting them, leading you to a better sleep. 

Even better results can be reached through some more specific behavioral interventions such as sleep restriction. This method can help you improve sleep efficiency through keeping a sleep diary and adjusting the time you spend in bed while increasing the depth of sleep. 

A Refresh Psychologist can coach you on how to use these techniques so you can get up every day well-rested, ready to tackle all your challenges. Feel free to reach out to book an appointment or a complimentary 20-minute consultation to support you in your sleeping journey.


At Refresh Counselling, we offer your first 20-minute session at no charge.  This is your opportunity to ask any question you would like to ask, and get a feel of what future sessions will be like.  This will also give us a chance to get to know you and start preparing for our next session.

We offer you a complimentary consultation (a 20-minute session).  This provides the opportunity to meet your therapist, ask any questions, understand what future sessions will be like, and ensure that you feel safe and a connection with your psychologist.  This also gives us a chance to get to know you a bit and prepare for our next session.

I am so glad you are dedicated to getting the most out of your sessions. Your active participation and dedication is crucial to your success. After all, we only see each other for a session a week. It’s the work you do outside of our sessions that will really help you see your personal growth and development.

Our psychologists are all very personable and work with a wide range of clients.  It is not necessary to use a 20-minute consultation to see a psychologist.  If you have any specific concerns or are looking for a psychologist who uses a particular methodology we would recommend booking a consultation to better understand your needs and pair you with a psychologist that meets your requirements.

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