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We understand that life is busy and that booking appointments can be tough – particularly if you’re not calling during office hours, or if you’re on the run.  At Refresh Counselling, we offer a convenient online client portal where you can quickly manage your appointments and access all your billing documents on the spot.  You can even book and manage your appointments while on the go from your mobile phone, or from any computer.

Once you connect with a therapist, they will email you a secure link for you to input your information. It will take you about 15-30 minutes to put in your demographics, provide us a short background, and payment/billing information.  Then you will be able to see all available appointments and book one that fits your schedule.

We look forward to beginning working with you to begin your journey!

Our Community Of Healing

We are honoured to walk alongside our clients as they take the brave steps to seek wellness. We strive to provide support and insight as they tell their stories and create new stories of health and healing. Here is what some of our clients have discovered on their journey to mental health with Refresh Counselling.

Your Partner In Wellness

Your Partner In Wellness

Refresh Counselling is committed to providing the most elevated mental health services to our patients in at either of our locations in Calgary and across Alberta. We promise to meet you where you are, provide insight and a safe space, and help you get to where you want to be. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation to connect with a psychologist who can be your expert guide as you journey towards mental health and well-being. Book now in Jane, our virtual system.

Gain Clarity... Find Wellness

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