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CYNTHIA BAROUD (North/South/Online)

CYNTHIA BAROUD (North/South/Online)

MA, Registered Provisional Psychologist

***Cynthia is accepting new clients!***

I believe positive change and personal growth can best occur through honesty, both with ourselves and the connections we choose to foster. Embracing honesty often requires vulnerability, which may not be easy for everyone, but it's a crucial step in our journey. I'm dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for my clients, enabling us to tackle their struggles, challenges, obstacles, or any aspect of their lives that demands exploration with sincerity. Speaking our thoughts aloud in a trusted space often brings clarity to our situations and helps us identify what needs attention. At times, a change in perspective is needed. Ultimately, the real work involves acquiring the practical skills to navigate our thoughts, emotions, and actions effectively.
I acknowledge that each person has a unique way of navigating their stories and challenges, so I collaborate with individuals to determine the most suitable therapy or strategies for them. My approach draws from a blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy to help my clients achieve their goals. By exploring familiar situations from different angles, we can uncover fresh approaches to overcome obstacles and improve relationships.
A wise supervisor once likened finding a therapist to finding the right pair of shoes – it often requires trying a few options before discovering the perfect fit. I hope to be that right fit for you!
I have a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I was a practicing Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia prior to relocating to Alberta, where I continued my practice as a Canadian Certified Counsellor in this amazing province. I am now a Registered Provisional Psychologist and am committed to continuing to help walk with individuals on their path to personal growth and well-being.  I'm looking forward to our journey together

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