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MC, Registered Provisional Psychologist


***Stefani is accepting new In-Person Child, Youth, & Teen clients at our South Location!***


Talking about feelings or problems can be intimidating for adults, it can even be more difficult for our youngest clients. There might also be worries about being judged or not knowing what to expect from a stranger - yes, even counsellors! Counselling is really about having a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings, gain new perspectives, and learn skills to navigate life's ups and downs. Through my background with kids, teens, and young adults from all walks of life, I work to create a space where scary and hard topics feel like they can be approached and overcome. But at the end of the day, counselling is whatever you need it to be.

I am a big believer in self-care - this means gaining a better understanding of all the unique parts that make us who we are and taking care of them as best as we can! Our youngest clients share their most authentic selves with us and we must take care of each part rather than neglecting them because they may take more work. With this in mind, I focus on self-esteem, stress, friendships, family dynamics, and behaviour issues. I blend Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Adlerian Therapy to give you a toolkit for personal growth. REBT helps you spot and change irrational thoughts and behaviours, while Adlerian Therapy looks at how our past and social interactions shape who we are, emphasizing the need for connection.

Together, these approaches give you the skills to tackle challenges, build healthier mindsets, and nurture meaningful relationships. Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones—even though it can be scary. In therapy, I help turn that fear into excitement for growth, guiding you through small, positive changes that lead to a happier, stronger life.

I'm a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, having wrapped up my Master's in Counselling Psychology at City University in 2023.

Therapy isn't just about diving into tough stuff—it's about having a natural, supportive relationship with your therapist. I'm all about bringing a fresh perspective, sharing a few laughs, and having honest chats during our time together.

In sessions, my personality really shines through—I'm the type to crack a bad joke or sketch a mediocre doodle. When I'm not in session, you can catch me with my nose in a book, enjoying music with the windows down, or diving into some serious self-care.


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